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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


That's the price that we may be buying a house for. I kid you not! Ronnie and I have the opportunity to own a house for $3000! It's kind a crazy situation....

My mom and step dad have lived in a mobile home park (in a manufactured house) since they got married in 1998. I was 13 when we all moved in there. From the day we moved in we realized that we had some crazy neighbors. They would spy on us through the windows and talk about us outside on their porch in the early morning hours. They were and still are a very odd couple. I have stories upon stories that I could go on and on about them, but I'll save that for another time. Anyway, fast forward to the present... These crazy neighbors of ours FINALLY moved out!! My mom was so excited the day she saw their moving van parked outside that she called me up and told me what was happening. We had been praying a day like that would come. They had tried to sell their house so many times in the past, but never had any luck.... Because like I said, they're crazy and always scared people off. So they're finally gone, but it didn't look like they had sold the house before they left. Since they didn't sell it they're still responsible for the space rent until someone takes over the place.

A couple days ago my step dad was outside talking to the maintenance guy about their house. He found out that they moved in to an apartment and just abandoned their house, but are still financially responsible for the $1100 space rent. They moved because although they own the house they could no longer afford that space rent. (It is kind of a ridiculous amount to be paying on top of a mortgage payment) So they're trying to get rid of the house for dirt cheap!!! Anything they sell it for will be pure profit because the house was given to them by the lady's dad. They just don't want to have to pay the rent any more.

My step dad called up the office to confirm all of this and yes it's true.... Now it's all a matter of working out the details. We're waiting to hear back from the park management today about it. I'm hoping and praying that we get the opportunity to own this house.

It's not as simple as paying $3000 and we're done though... There's more to it then that. The place is pretty much a disaster. It will need to be tented and bombed for bugs! When they started moving out their stuff roaches started making their way to all the neighbors houses including my mom's house. Gross. It will need to be painted both inside and out I'm sure. A couple months ago the guy painted the house himself and it looks like total crap! The place reeks like cat urine so every single piece of flooring will need to be replaced. The windows, screens and window coverings will need to be replaced. Who knows what appliances will need to be changed out. I'm sure everything. The landscaping around the place will be changed around.... And who really knows what else will have to be changed and fixed.

It sounds like a lot, but it really helps to know people. My mom knows a guy at church who does fumigation for a living. My dad is a house painter and all around handyman. My step dad is a finishing carpenter and my mom has worked at Home Depot for 18 years... so she knows a little something about home improvement.

Wow, sorry for the novel! I'll update more as I learn it.
Oh and Ronnie has now made it to Texas... I should be hearing from him soon. =)

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